What is a leasing loan?

    What is a leasing loan?A leasing loan is a financial product that is very similar to a loan. During the term of the contract, the borrower remains the owner of the transferred property because it allows full financing of the funds. Leasing loans for a long time constituted a bridge for applicants for

Personal Payday Loan Guide

Guide to loans and financing. A guide with information on how to choose the best form of a loan, how to compare interest rates with those usurers, which rules of conduct to follow when one forgets to pay an installment to not become “bad payers”. And still useful tips on how to apply for a

Grouping of tiered credits: discover the advantages

All the information and communication concerning the news of the purchase of credit. Stitching reminder about grouping of tiered credits! The tiered loan in response to a decline in income: retirement, rental investment. Grouping of tiered credits During a credit redemption transaction, the grouping of tiered credits, a real need think about it! Did you