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Are you aware of a move or do you want to update your kitchen with a new look? In these situations, consumer credit is for you, unless you have accumulated extra money in the stocking. You also have to enjoy life and do things spontaneously. Spontaneous things often require extra. Still, don’t let a skinny wallet slow down a new move or a new look to your kitchen, better than spontaneous startups.

With increased competition, you can easily find affordable consumer credit at low costs and interest rates. Find Cheap Consumer Credit by Comparison – Use the services of comparison sites as they are customized for you. However, there is a call for vigilance from the consumer. If your own financial situation is not in the best possible state of mind, it is worth considering and weighing twice whether taking a consumer loan is necessarily the best solution. However, will you be lucky in the long run to secure an additional loan?

Consumer credit marketing is playing an increasingly important role and no one can avoid the most attractive offers. What is worrying is that consumer credit marketing is now blatant and misleading.

Consumer credit as a concept

Consumer credit as a concept

A consumer credit is usually an unsecured credit given by a trader to a private individual in the form of a loan, deferred payment, or similar financial arrangement. Consumer credit is usually a short-term loan and can be obtained by anyone with a permanent address in Finland, regular income and credit. There are several types of consumer credit; Consumer credit can be just as quick loan, instant loan or overdraft.

Typically, loan products under the name of a consumer credit will start at $ 2000, as loans under $ 2000 are more commonly referred to as instant messengers. In 2013, the provision of instant leverage was tightened, with interest rate caps on loans below USD 2,000. The interest rate ceiling simply consists of an annual percentage rate of charge, which is set at 50% plus a reference rate.

Consumer loans may also include various types of instant loans as well as overdrafts and installment loans. Completely new loan products, such as peer-to-peer lending, can also be bundled with consumer credit, although the principle of borrowing is different. Peer-to-peer lending refers to seeking a loan from another consumer who is an investor in a peer-to-peer loan service. The peer-to-peer loan service is an anonymous activity, meaning no one’s privacy is disclosed.

Consumer credit now and their future


The popularity of consumer loans grew at an unprecedented rate in 2017, and consumer loans without collateral became the most popular favorite. In 2017, Finns borrowed up to 19 billion USDos in consumer loans. No wonder the Finnish economy has been mildly upturned.

Finnish consumers continue to favor domestic credit providers, as up to 80 per cent of unsecured consumer loans were sought from Finnish financial institutions and banks. The most popular channel for the actual application for credit is nowadays the internet consumer credit application can easily and conveniently be filed on the lender’s website and it only takes a moment to do so. After a few minutes, you will already have an initial credit decision.

The role of a good competitor in the unsecured consumer credit continent is also represented by foreign players; financial corporations and banking institutions operating in other Nordic countries became the most popular among foreign unsecured credit granting companies. Some online loan companies from abroad have also been seen in the Finnish market, although fortunately they have not yet reached the popularity of the general public.

Overdrafts and credit cards are declining in popularity and are not currently ahead of consumer credit or instant snippets. Overdraft and card credit grew by only two per cent on the previous year. This decline in popularity can be explained by stricter terms on overdraft and card loans compared to unsecured consumer loans and instant loans. For example, it is not possible to get an overdraft or credit card without a credit card, but in the case of a consumer credit or a quick loan, the situation may sometimes, in rare cases, be different.

Generally speaking, the future outlook for consumer credit is still booming; Citizens are interested in easy access to small loans and loans. As the economy and employment improve, so does consumption – even if it is borrowing money.

Calculate and compare consumer credit


Comparing consumer credit is important because this is the only way you can find the one that is most affordable for you. Credit is convenient and quick to apply once the right credit is found. If unsecured consumer credit is not completely free, then at least it is cheap and fast compared to, for example, a difficult bank loan.

Consumer credit can also take advantage of the competitive advantage that, for the first time, consumer credit can be free of costs and interest over a period of time. One important reason why a consumer loan can be cheaper than a bank loan is the availability of loans without the expensive start-up fees that are usually charged on bank loans or consumer loans. Of course, you want to avoid all the extra costs that can be avoided.

Comparing consumer loans is also important because of other costs and interest rates. There are dozens of solutions and options among dozens of loan providers. Comparison saves you money and saves you tens of minutes in just a few minutes. Compassion and diligence will be rewarded.

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