Grouping of tiered credits: discover the advantages

All the information and communication concerning the news of the purchase of credit. Stitching reminder about grouping of tiered credits! The tiered loan in response to a decline in income: retirement, rental investment.

Grouping of tiered credits

Grouping of tiered credits

During a credit redemption transaction, the grouping of tiered credits, a real need think about it! Did you know that forty-nine percent of future retirees are afraid of having financial difficulties when they retire! Grouping of tiered credits can meet their needs!

The tiered credit surrender loan is a solution for:

  • a transition to retirement or pre-retirement
  • a part-time shift scheduled
  • face a future financial burden
  • anticipate a rise in the monthly installment of the mortgage when buying back a loan

With the step-by-step, this is an opportunity to consolidate all your debts and credits into one tiered loan. During the life of your credit, your monthly payment continues to adjust to your repayment capacity. Possibility to create up to three levels for two borrowers.

A first level can be determined to compensate for an increase in charges, or to realize a new project such as investing in a rental property, etc. Then the other two remaining tiers are for the borrower and the co borrower. They are triggered as soon as they retire to compensate for the drop in income, and thus maintain a controlled debt ratio.

Tiered loan: fields of intervention

Tiered loan: fields of intervention

The areas of intervention of the tiered credit pool are very broad. This in order to answer any problem of budget management.

The tiered loan is eligible for many socio-occupational classes:

  • Employees (cdi, cdd, contract, temporary, etc.)
  • Non salaried (liberal professions, tradesmen, craftsmen, manager of Ste, etc.)
  • retirees

Borrowers who are eligible to apply for tiered pooling must own at least one property. The real estate must be residential (primary, secondary or rental). The property must be located mainly in metropolitan France.

The tiered loan is a response to the decline in income (retirement,). In the case of a retirement, depending on the date of retirement, creation of a tier that reduces the monthly credit charge.A debt that adapts to changes in the resources of the subscriber (s) upon retirement.

Linear depreciation through the implementation of bearings to maintain a constant debt. Benefit from a linear depreciation of your credit with customized monthly payments to your capacity to be able to repay a debt, while controlling the good management of the budget!

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